Welcome to We Create Peace Life Solutions

We Create Peace Life Solutions can help guide you through difficult personal and business challenges in life.  We can help create or restore peaceful relationships in your family often saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees. We work to help with aging parents and their families deal with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, as well as resourcing to the families needs.  Our experience has given us a wealth of trusted referral resources.

In todays world many family disputes over elderly parents can happen.  The role of family caregiving, distance between siblings, inadequate planning and communication can all play a role.  When siblings or other family members come to an impasse over parental care, those negative conflicts can be harmful for the entire family.  We are here to help create peace through professional mediation services to help maintain your family relationships.

As nationally certified Conservators and Guardians, our main focus is on those situations where aging couples and individuals need support or protection.  This can also include any professional Fiduciary services: trustee, monthly money management, personal representative for care or for probate.