Court Appointed Conservator/Guardian

iStock photo - Eldercare Holding Hands (1)Recognizing the limited resources, both locally and nationally, for qualified professional conservatorship and guardianship services, WCP Life Solutions continues on its path to help individuals and families create peace. In the Fall of 2015, WCP Life Solutions began providing professional services focused on helping protected individuals with the voice they wish to have and the care they deserve.

With over 10 years of professional mediation experience in the community, and a team of qualified and experienced professionals and support staff, WCP Life Solutions is well prepared to meet the various needs of persons in need of physical and financial protection. Over the years, we have been well versed and connected in the healthcare and legal community, with a wellspring of resources to draw upon as we provide for those who need our services.

Some cases can be more challenging; due to our experience working with individuals and families in various types of crisis and conflict, we are prepared to effectively work with situations that may require our broad skillset. Our team includes experienced counselors and coaches, as well as experience with addiction and vocational rehab.

Serving the community at large, and its various individuals, WCP Life Solutions has nationally certified Conservators and Guardians prepared to act for persons in need of protection.